January 28, 2003

25 de Mayo to The End of the World

After leaving 25 de Mayo I made my way to Buenos Aires where I spent 6 days wandering about the city taking in the sights. While I had originally planed on spending up to two weeks in Buenos Aires being alone in a large city isn't much fun so I decided to get back on the bike and I made my way to Cordobaba.

While Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina it struck me more as a quite small town rather then a bustling metropolis so after a few days I headed over to Mendoza thinking that I might cross over into Chile to meet up with Todd who I knew was having bike problems in Santiago.However when I got to Mendoza Todd had fixed his bike so we decided to meet in Bariloche.

The ride to Bariloche was along the eastern side of the Andes which provided me with stunning views all the way. Bariloche itself is located in a the lake district of Argentina and provided some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen. However it's rather cold and very windy. The wind would be our constant companion as we made our way to Ushuaia and on the day to arrived in Puenta Arena Chile we where battling 70mph headwinds which was exhausting and didn't do much for our gas mileage either.

After spending two nights in Puenta we finally arrived in Ushuaia just in time to catch the Superbowl (hey you've got to have your priorites).

Time to head north.