Motorcycle Adventure Touring Links

Boards, Lists, and Magazines

Horizons Unlimited
The big daddy of adventure touring websites
Motorcycle Adventure Touring
A mailing list dedicated to Adventure Touring
Dual-Sport Magazine
A site for dual-sport riders and adventure touring
Dual-Sport News


Personal Webpages

The Striking Viking
Doing it the hard way and persevering
Ride of the Heart
An attempt to be the first American woman to ride around the world solo
Jupiter Rides Again
The author of Jupiter's Travels does it again
Motorcycle Explorer
Canadian dual-sport riding
Dual-Sport riding in South America
Stories and links about Dual-Sport Riding in South America


Manufacturers & Suppliers Pages

Manufacturer of luggage racks and supplier of luggage for adventure touring
British online store for dual-sport bikes
Online Storefront for centerstands and other dual-sport goodies
IMS Products
Maker of aftermarket tanks and other plastic products
Baja Designs
Manufacturer and supplier of off road motorcycle accessories
Italian manufacturer of off road accessories

Suzuki DR650SE Specific Pages

DR650 Mailing List
A mailing list dedicated to the Suzuki DR650SE
Motorcycle News Australia
A review of the DR650
1996 DR650SE Review
An extensive writeup by an owner of a DR650
Motorcycle Online Dual-Sport Comparison
A comparison of the DR, KLX, XR650s by Motorcycle Online