October 4th, 2002

Today 2 friends and I are leaving on a 6 month trip to the bottom of South America and back. All three of us have been preparing for this trip for over a year. While on this trip all three of us will be maintaing our own websites which we hope to update every few weeks. Our basic plan is to cross into Mexico just north of the Big Bend National Park in Texas and then head down the western side of Mexico then through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. From Panama we will fly ourselves and our bikes to Ecuador. From Ecuador we will head down the western side of South America through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile before crossing into Argentina to reach Terra del Fuego. We hope to reach Terra del Fuego by the first of the new year. On the way back we plan on travelling through Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, the Guyanas, Suriname, and Venezuela at which point we will fly our bikes and ourselves back to Panama then up the eastern side of Central America and Mexico and finally back to the United States. I'll try to post my first real update to the site before crossing into Mexico.