2000 MS150 Ride

In the summer of this year a coworker and friend suggested that the company at which I work should create a cycling team to raise money for Multiple Schlerosis(sp?). While I didn't know anything about MS I was glad to take up the challenge to ride my bicycle 150 miles through the Shenandoah valley over two days. During the months prior to the ride my coworkers and I would ride approximately 12 miles a day during our lunch hours and do 50 or more mile rides on the weekends. Following you will find pictures that some of the team members and I took. While I didn't manage to ride the whole route on both days our team did manage to raise more money then any other team that year! Woohooo go team Treevolution!

Saturday Morning bright and early. From left to right the Treevolution Riders are Pascal R.,Mike J.,Big Bad Bill, Your humble narrator, Steve S., Mary J., David W., and the fast guy (Seriously I've worked here for 4 years and still haven't gotten his name).

At this point everyone and their mother has dropped me so I figure I might as well enjoy the ride and take some pictures.

I caught up at the lunch stop when certain Stoners decided to hangout and impress the ladies.

Dropped again

Hmmmm, If it still runs maybe it could carry me across the finish line.

I'm not slow I'm taking pictures yeah that's it!

Yes Virginia that is a Lama.

Crossing the finish line on Saturday. At least I can still walk!

Sunday morning at 8am it's really chilly the ride started about 15 minutes ago and I've already been dropped so I figure it was a good time for a break.

Support dude, DJ, MC, and my chauffer. After the first leg on Sunday I was completely trashed and got a ride on the SAG vehichle. Instead of taking me all the way back I asked to be dropped off at the last checkpoint before the finish line figuring I would meet up with the rest of the team.

While I was being driven around the country side Big Bad Bill tried to figure out how to use the automatic timer on his camera with limited success.

While being driven about I got to check out this happy butt bike.

After being dropped off at the last rest stop and taking a nap waiting for the rest of the team to show up I realized that as soon as they showed up they would drop me immediately so I headed off by myself on the last leg only to find more darned hills.

This was a seriously steep hill that I had a hard time walking up, but this postal employee didn't seem to have any trouble. (AKA, I'm not walking up this hill I'm taking pictures thank you very much!)

Once I got in sight of the finish line I figure it would be in poor taste to cross in front of my teammates who actually rode the whole way so I had an ice cream and waited for them to show up. From front to back I believe we have David W.,Pascal R., Steve S., and Big Bad Bill.

And finally the ugly deed is done.

Riders and support crew after the dastardly deed on Sunday. Mike J. is missing from this picture but he made all the way on his own steam.