Bicycling in 2001

Much like the previous year my coworkers again decided to raise money for MS by riding in the Shenandoa Fall Classic MS150 ride. After being severly brutalized the previous year I decided to train a little harder this year. I also greatly benifited from having my Peugeot give up the ghost which allowed me to replace it with a bike which was much better suited to hauling me up the numerous hills to be found in this area. Below you will find pictures of one of our training rides as well as the 2001 MS150.

The 2001 Reston Century

On Saturday I bought a new bicycle. On Sunday I rode it 100 kilometers.

Here we have the three team members who showed up for the Reston Century. From left to right they are Greg LeMond, Bob K.(Team Captain), and the nefarious Pascal R.(Who is still riding a Peugeot).

Leading the teams pace line I'm about to over take this slacker. (Uhhhh yeah right)

I could tell you that I was about to overtake these guys but the truth is that taking pictures while riding a bicycle isn't that easy so they made a lot of ground on me while I was trying to get the damned autofocus to focus.

Ahh finally a rest area. All the Gatorade and Camels a guy could want.

Damn I must be going fast there isn't anyone in front of me.

Some of the support crew at a rest stop.

The route took us onto the W&OD trail. One of the two most used bicycle trails in the USA. I passed the guy on the recumbent (Yeah Baby!)

Suburban/Rural Virginia. In 12 months this will probably all be over run with housing developments.

After a while I stopped getting passed. This got me worrying that I might have take a wrong turn but then a cyclist passed me and I felt better. Unfortunately that cyclist wasn't taking part in the Reston Century. About 20 minutes later I realized I had no clue as to where I was or where I was going. Luckily I had a map so it only took a few miles of gravel and dirt roads on my fancy new road bike to get back on track. Oh yeah, that seat sucks!

After finding my way again I managed to get lost again about 5 miles down the road so that when I finally made it to the end all my "teammates" had gone home. But some of my former coworkers where still hanging around after doing a 10k run after their 100 mile rides. Freaking masochists!

2001 MS150

Dave W. who was the captain of last years unfortunately left the company this year. Fortunately Bob K. stepped in to fill his shoes as the new captain. In a bit of cruel irony we learned that Dave W. had recently been diagnosed with MS. Well at least he picked the right charity to raise money for. The good news is that he was detected early and should respond well to treatment. Even though are team was smaller then the previous years we managed to raise more money and where again the team which raised the most money. Go Team Ceyoniq!

Friday night before the ride filling up on Pasta. Front left we've got the current and former team captains. Rear left is Dave W's wife and the rest of the folks are part of Dave's new team whose names escape me.

The 5 members of the lean mean Team Ceyoniq. From L to R Bob K,B^3,Humble Narrator, Pascal R, and Michael K. Even though our company got bought out by a German company this year we somehow ended up with Italian flag jerseys.

Some of the other participants starting on Saturday morning. It doesn't look like the guy on the bent bike realizes that this is a fully supported ride.

Some of the scenery during the ride.

B^3 and Pascal chilling after the ride on Saturday.

Me chilling. The ride went much better then last year and I actually managed to pass a few folks and didn't walk up any of the hills.

The awards ceremony on Saturday with our honorary team member. Check out all the bright red faces.

Our team with the shirts we got for raising $500+ or $1000+.

Sunday morning. This ride occurs in the first week of fall but it's always pretty darn cold in the mornings.

The sun burning off the fog on Sunday morning.

Bob K at rest stop. Mmmmmmmm bananas.

The view from the rear of the first rest stop on Sunday.

B^3 and Pascal with one of our comapnies volounteers. Notice B^3 poor bike being abused in the background. He's since replaced it with a Tourmalet becaus I'm his hero and role model!

Civil War Confederate cemetary. I was determined to ride all the way this year but I didn't feel like wandering in circles in the hills so I checked out the map and made a beeline back to the original starting point. I still ended up riding a bit over 40 miles that day but it was much flatter then the official route.

Pascal after the ride on Sunday. Where they ever suprised to see me waiting for them. He actually made very good time and was one of the first dozen to finish the ride.

Bob and Mike finishing on Sunday.

That's it for this year. Next year I'll ride the whole route. No really.