Bicycling 2002

This years goals are to ride a full century, spend 4 days riding on the C&O canal towpath, and completing the MS150. Unfortunately I accomplished none of these goals. Most of my cycling was done with my coworkers and I lost my job in March. While I did continue riding with some of my laid off coworkers through May after a while things just slowed down and ptered out. I did partake in one cycling event howerver antd that was the Faces of America ride put on by World T.E.A.M. Sports. This was a ride from Ground Zero in Manhattan to the Pentagon in Arlington and I was a member of the Moto Safety Crew.

Thursday September 19th

The crew meeting up on Thursday morning.

The crew approaches New York

5 minutes into the city and we're already confused and split up.

We got back together soon afterwards going in opposite directions.

Some French broad.

Buildings still recovering from 9-11

Friday September 20th

Lined up Friday morining waiting fro Brian Luv to get into a shouting match with a New York steel worker.

Cyclists outside the hotel.

 St. Paul's on Friday morning

Cyclists gathering

Nice vests guys.

Momentos and messages left around St. Paul's

1920's fire truck which acted as the pace vehichle

Riders gathering in New Jersey after being ferried over from Manhattan.

Lunch stop at Ashbury Park

Cyclists on Friday evening.

Greg LeMond and my bike

Movie of Keith and Riders on Friday night.

Saturday September 21st

Riders on Saturday morning

The Delaware shore.

Riders at the shore.

Waiting for the Ferry.

Various Ferry crossing pictures:


Your humble narrator about to fall asleep.

Riders approaching the 100 mile mark of a 130 mile day.

Press & Media setting up camp on Saturday night.

Sunday September 22nd

Dawn on Sunday morning.

Riders heading out at the crack of dawn.

Hey baby how do you like my hog!

Cyclists on Sunday

Hand cyclist playing in DC traffic.

Panoramic view of cyclists gathered at RFK before heading to the Pentagon.

Various pictures of the Parade through Washington

A helping hand.

The closing cermonies.

A movie of cyclists heading out of RFK
A movie clip as we approach the end of the ride

Well that's it for this year.