Peugeot Bicycles

This is the biek that got me into cycling. It is a Peugeot Bordeaux of mid 80s vintage as far as I can tell. I bought it with the help of a friend from a street vendor in Washington DC. The bike while basically white had some questionable splashes of color. Mainly pink and turquoise which I mostly covered with white reflective tape. This picture was taken in 99 one what was my longest ride of the year from Cascades VA to Washington DC on the 4th of July. During the summer of 2000 the bottom bracket started to give out so I had it replaced at an upscale bicycle shop. 7 miles later the bracket for the rear derallieur hanger bent I then took into another shop to have it checked out and adjusted but after another 7 miles the rerallieur hanger bent again and the rear derallieur exploded. The next day I bought my Tourmalet. It was fun cruising around on an old bike and I probably put about 1,000 miles on it.