Capitol 1000 - 1999



Various pictures from the Capitol 1000  which I participated in for the
first time this year. My primary purpose in this rally was to complete a
Saddle Sore 1000. My secondary  objective was to put enough my miles on
my bike so that I could perform the 8,000 mile maintenance. My final goal
was to use up my tire which I accomplished more effectively then I had

I met with a bunch of DC-Cycles folks. Team DC-Cycles setup a HQ in one
of the motel rooms with a lot of help from Dale and Tracy Hortsman (sp?). After
the riders meeting the team start planning routes in a mad frenzy which left me
feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The day started full of Hope.
Some glorious moments on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
A fastly failing rear tire made the last hours rather thense.
The damn tripmeter rolled over at 1000 miles(argh).
Mission accomplished I awaited the return of other team members.