Bicycling Background

I grew up riding bicycles to school and around town but I was never a serious cyclist. It was during my high school years riding a bicycle that it became apparent to me that I would never be a car guy and became interested in motorcycles. After high school I went about 16 years without riding a bicycle except for a few days working as as a bicycle courier in Washington DC. I got back into cycling for two reasons. The first is to try and motivate my friend who kept talking about his cycling exploits in his college years and the second was to try and get into better shape before doing my motorcycle trip around North America in 1999. I originally bought an $80 bicycle at K-mart which got me to and from work a few times and basically made me miserable for a few months before I upgraded to my Peugeot. In 2000 one of my coworkers got a team together to do a MS150 ride and I've been enjoying (except for all the pain and suffering) cycling since.