First Track Day

May 4, 2008

I can say that my first track day was an unqualified success. The day started early but dry and I got to Summit in plenty of time and met up with Strang and Skinner. My first few sessions were pretty slow while I figured out the track and the rules. By early afternoon I was starting to get into the hang of things and the 6th and 7th sessions really rocked! In the 6th session I left the line first behind a control rider. After following him for a couple of laps he waved me past and at the same time an F4i passed me. Let the games begin. I stuck to the F4i for the whole session and showed him a wheel on occasion and it seemed like we had the whole track to ourselves for the whole session. In the 7th session I was lined up 3rd behind the F4i and the F4i's friend (also on an F4i). Since this was the last session I figured I would just take it easy and work on style points. The two F4i's were running a decent pace but the second F4i wasn't as quick as the on one in the 6th session so a gap was starting to form between them. At this time a ZX10R passed me and the second F4! Well I couldn't let that stand so I passed the slower F4 and spent most of the session reeling in a ZX10R before finally dispatching him going down the front straight Bwahaha. I also put my unpucked knee down after passing the 10R wooot!

The R6 was amazing in all regards and would loft the front wheel and shake it's head on occasion. I think it was glad to finally be able to show what it was capable of. Destroying slow moving liter bikes with ruthless efficiency.

Skinner unloading

Strang in turn 1

Closely followed by Skinner

Strang again in Turn 1.

Closely followed by Skinner. This went on all day with an occasional role reversal
The following series shows how things went for me as the day went on. Unfortunately I don't think they took any pictures during the last session when I was really working to hang off the bike.