The Easy Trail

This was one of the easy sections of the easy trail and what I was expecting and hoping to be riding on most of the day.

This is where an expert trail met up with the easy trail and while it's hard to tell from the picture that's about a 60 degree slope with deep ruts and loose rocks.

This is where I dumped my bike the first time on a steep 180 degree turn. Wasn't nothing easy about that stuff.

This is mi mula taking a nap. Yah get up you lazy mule.

Taking a break at the bottom of a hill.

It's hard to see but there is a stream there full of slick rocks that spun Cory around and had him pointed down stream.

Shot of the hill from the rest area.

Cory going up the hill. These shots are of the nicer sections of the trail as most of it consisted of loose fist to head sized stones often with sheer drop offs on the sides.

 I think this is the Intermediate hill on which Cory fell at the end of the day. It's hard to see but the left side of the trail is a big wet rock and the right side is a deep rock. After trying to go over the rock he slid sideway into the rut and toppled over.