AMA Amateur National Hill Climbs

Entering the races. Whatever you do don't use the Porta John in the back closest to the track.

A quad going up the 450 hilll.

Okay now everybody play nice!

A downed rider and a quad in the midst of a 400' tumble

The same quad going off the track and about to crush a porta pottty.

A quad going up the hill.

Cory's favorite T-shirt. Now I you know what to get him for Christmas.

And a quad about to go down the hill

Lil hill climbing hottie.

The guy in the grey shirt was camping with us on Friday night and I think his sun placed in the top five. Pretty Cool!

And you though corner working at road races was tough.


Apparently hilll climbing is one of the few off road sports that old dudes (past 18) can still be competitive in.

I'm damn sexy!