Bouncing off Trees

May 3-6 2012


It had been 10 years since I'd been down to Hatfield-McCoy when Glenn invited me down. As I recall the last time I was there the only pleasure I got from dirt biking was surviving. While I've done a fair bit of dirt riding since then on Thursday it didn't seem that much had changed.It might have had something to do with running into two trees, get pinned under the bike in one stream, flying over the bars in another stream, and dropping the bike more times than I wanted to count. Heading down the black trails if you don't know what you're doing is probably not a such a good idea. But since the trail seem to start off with a 3' drop going back wasn't an option.

Kevin taking a break on Thursday after the group split in two

Tony at the same spot.

Your's truly wondering why the hell he's doing this.

My WR and Tony's Husaberg

This is the second stream crossing where I wen over the front of the bike. Here Tony is wondering what the heck I'm doing taking pictures instead of picking up the bike.

Kevin stopped mid hill. The pictures don't do the steepness justice.

Tony motoring up the hill. The first of three times on three different bikes. If Tony hadn't been with us Kevin and I would of been stuck in the woods rubbing sticks together trying to start a fire. As it was we just got to do the walk of shame instead. Thanks for your help Tony.


Since it was raingng Friday morning it gave us plenty of time to fix the various damage and issues from the previous days riding. It also gave Jim a chance to cook everyone an awesome breakfast.
By midday the weather had cleared so we headed off to Rockhouse for some more fun. After yesterdays misadventures Kevin and I decided to ride the Green trails. Frilly skirts and all. It was nice to be able to ride the bike instead of just hanging on for dear life and then crashing. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad to report that all of my practice in getting lost paid off as every time we tried to head out of the trail system we ended up at the opposite end.
Jim whipping up some tasty grub on Friday morning.

Ethan heating and banging my footpeg back into a usable shape. I don't know when it happened but it happened pretty early on Thursday.

Dan, Jim, and Etahn doing maintenance while the rain came down.

Glenn maintaining.

Tony (on Glenn's bike) and Dan meeting up with the rest of the group after doing some single track or black trails.

(L to R)Ethan, Jim, Scott, and Kevin at a meeting point.

Kevin, Tony, Jim, and Ethan.

Kevin and I taking a break on the green trails.

On the way back to the house Kevin ran out of fuel. Luckily it was across the street from a gas station but not so luckily he couldn't get the bike started again. One of the locals said something like "Mummble twang mumble sparkplug twang mumble hear me now" and while I could only understand every third word since his accent was so thick he was right. So while we were trying to get the bike push started the rest of the guys rode by and ended up towing Kevin's bike back to the house with Scott's quad.

Dan riding through town back to the house.

Scott towing Ethan on Kevin's bike while Jim rides alongside the road.

Watching the movies form the days ride from Ethan's helmet cam.

The great bug hunt.


It rained again Saturday morning but things cleared up enough early in the afternoon to head to Buffalo Mountain. Since things went so well the previous day I ventured onto the Blue trails. The trail was very slick and wet from the rains and while the bike did decide to take a nap in a 18" deep mud puddle it was another excellent day of riding.
Kevin taking a break on the side of the trail

Glenn checking the map at one of the trail junctions

Kevin, Scott, and Glenn waiting for the other guys to finish up some single track. Glenn wasn't riding single track that day since he busted his hand the day before.

Your humble narrator.


Sunday everyone headed out early to get back home. Glenn and I hauled the bikes back to Dory's house for a quick lucnh and then the drive back to Mordor.

Our barn early sunday morning after most everyone has already left.

Dory's place in WV

The view from teh back yard

Chilling on the deck.

I figured counting the bruises woudl be as futile as trying to count the number of times I dumped the bike on Thursday, but other than that a great time was had by all. I'm looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for everyones help in making this happen.