2008 Indianapolis MotoGP

Four of my friends and I rode from Northern VA to the MotoGP races in Indianapolis. This was the first motorcycle race at Indy in almost a 100 years even though the first race ever held at the brickyard was a motorcycle race. My friends all ride sportbikes but I ended up leading quite a bit of the time which I thought must of made a pretty amusing sight. On the first day we rode up to Marietta OH doing about 400 miles of twisty back roads. We stayed at the Lafayette hotel in Marietta which is a very cool old hotel. On Thursday we continued west on some more twisties before we finally leaving the mountains behind us and cruising down 56 across OH till we got on 70 west of Columbus. 70 is chock full of trucks so it kind of sucked but we only had about 130 miles on the slab so it wasn't so bad. We spent nearly all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the track and had a great time even with Hurricane Ike trying to ruin the fun. After the races on Sunday we headed back out highway 70 to London OH then made our way home on Monday down route 56 and 50.

Taking a break on 50 on the way to Indy.

Photo op.

The Delta Queen outside the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta

Small town Ohio

After stopping at the campsite we made our way to the track to meet Dillon.

Indiana State house in downtown Indy.

Monument in down town Indy.

Wet practice sessions on Friday

It rained on and off all day on Friday and it started really coming down hard late in the afternoon.

It finally stopped raining late in the day.

Everybody loves cheesecake.

Our cabins by the lake on Saturday morning.

One more.

Saturday practice and the track is drying out.

Red Bull girls FTW!

Beauty and the beast.

The MotoGP Trophy

Monster Attack girls tell some great jokes.

Winners drink Milk and JK likes it also.

Line up of cars at the Indy Museum.

Old school Indy car.

Some old and new bikes in the museum.

They even had a Harley

Lining up at the dirt track races

The new Beull Street-fighter. So awesomely brutally ugly.

Chilling on Sunday morning waiting for the Red Bull race to start.

Mayhem during the 125cc race before Ike decided to let loose.

Stoner on the warm up lap. After a few hours of hard rain and wind they started the MotoGP race.

First lap of the race and Nicky is chasing Stoner.

A few laps later Nicky had the lead with Rossi hot on his heels.

Than Ike came back with a vengeance and the race was stopped. One of the reasons was this air-fence which was being blown up by the wind.

The air-fence wasn't the only thing being blown over.

Evidence of Ike's passage on the way home in London Ohio.

Rest stop back in WV.

Same as above.

Final stop in Marshall before we all went our separate ways.