Jim Gaal at Laguna Seca 2005
Part Two

My roomies for Thursday night Three of us moved to Embassy Suites for the remainder
We walked to Cannery Row from the hotel

Red Bull spent some money on this event

You can have your name or any decent thing you want on one of these bricks for a price

Two BMW M6 pace cars travel with the MotoGP circus

Turn 4 during Friday practice

The media center during a slow period

Gratuitous umbrella girl shot

Brian Drebber took a beating for his announcing but he's a genuinely nice guy

I watched the race on this "TV"

After his normal victory lap Nicky picked up his dad for another lap

Colin does a burn out
Guess he was happy enough with 2nd place

Vale blows some boogers

Colin gets a drink

Nicky pulls into winner's circle with father Earl on the back

The God Head of MotoGP

Colin goes to congratulate Nicky

Son hugs father