Jim Gaal at Laguna Seca 2006

Dinner Thursday night at Bullwackers on Cannery Row. We got some swag from the Corona party in the next room.

If youíre not having fun at the Blue Fin youíre just not fun.

Gotta love the product reps

Friendly product reps

One of my favorite things at the races is seeing all the sweet bikes. I actually took more bike pics than girl pics this time. Maybe itís just getting older, or kinkier.

I thought she was a model but she was just posing for her bf/hub. Oops ha ha

Inside a Triumph

Is this license holder long enough to meet regs?

Sorry no pillion


Some Spanish guy

Minolta Moment

Not now please Iím trying to work

The smiling lion

From the top of Wolf Hill (shuttle bus drop off)

Jenny with Roger Hayden

Rossiís rental with DCSportbikes card on the windshield

Rob is happy about just putting a card on Hopkinsí rental

Refreshments at the corkscrew

Kim has an ice cream

Life is good at the top

Rob and Jenny like Cali

We didnít spend a whole lot of time out of the shade

The roommates

Poorly framed shot because I was so nervous around Fabio. I still have the giggles! Itís OK, Kevin Schwantz was sporting a chub.

Extreme Motard

Half an S&S Motor Oh my

When Roland Sands gets his hands on a V5 motor

Love the radiator

Is there anything cooler than crossing the track at the end of the day? Well lots of things I guess, but it was much cooler than using the bridge and definitely a Kodak moment.

Corn dog carnage on the murphy bed. Not a Kodak moment. This is the only photo from the hotel room known to survive.

West coast crew meets east

I wave I wave but I want to pick my butt

With all AMA activity on hold until after the MotoGP due to a deteriorating track surface, it was 3Ĺ hours waiting in 100 degree shade.
The shade slowly deserted us but people push up when the race started anyway.

Here they come! You had to be there

It really cleared out after the MotoGP race. Plenty of fence and shade to watch the AMA Supersport and Superstock races

Ask me about my hat

Happy fans leave Rainey Curve

Weíll be back