On Friday evening Cory, Lance, Leon, and I headed to Hooters to plan our route for the next day.
Leon helping Cory, Lance, and I plan a route for Saturday.

Nikki and the gang

Nikki's friends

Nikki and I

The following are of the riders meeting before the start of the Rally on Saturday
Mofo JK planning his route.
Bikes lined up and getting waved off as their odo and leaving time are recorded

On the road

By our second gas stop (~220miles) we had out run the rain and would only deal with occasional showers for the rest of the day.

While we spend most of the day on the superslab the view was pretty nice and pace was uhhhhh brisk.

By the halfway point we where on 16 hour pace but then we decided to get off the slab for a bit and take a look around.
Unfortunately at our next stop my bike refused to start. Luckily we where right next
to a Wal-Mart so Lance and I went and got another battery as the one in the bike was bone dry.
After we stopped for dinner and headed back on the road I got to thinking I had left
my camera in the restaurant so we pulled over to check. Luckily I didn't turn my bike off at this point as a few miles later the odo stopped working and the battery was toast by the
next gas stop. Cory helped me jump the bike a couple times but it kept stalling which
was very frustrating. A nice local in Cumberland MD asked if there was something wrong
with my sickle and then gave me a jump from his truck so that Cory could stop packing
and unpacking his bike. Without a working odometer there wasn't any point in continuing
the rally so I rode ~100 miles home hoping I didn't stall the bike again. The odo started
working again about 10 miles from home but at that point I wasn't about to turn around.
In all I did about 900 miles and achieved a new personal land speed record but that damned
license plate frame is gonna have to wait for another day.

I drove back up on Sunday to check out the awards ceremony and drink beer with the mofos.
Dillon,Bruce,Todd,Craig,and the back of Tom's head. Todd and Craig finished in the top
third and Dillon rode 1500+ miles in 24 hours. Tom and Bruce showed up for the ceremony
which was very cool. Cory,Lance, and JK had already gone home as they didn't want to wait for their
rooms to be ready which would of meant hours of hanging around with nothing to do.

A couple of beemers in the parking lot.

The cockpit of Leon's ZX6
Dillon getting his certificate for his Bun Burner Gold. Good job Dillon.