Motorcycling Background

I started riding in December of 1984 on a new 1982 Yamaha 400 Maxim. I ended putting about 40,000 miles on this bike. Most of these miles where commuting as I went for 5 years without owning a car. I believe the longest ride I took on this bike was from Northern Virginia to Baltimore MD about 70 miles. My second bike was a 1986 700 Maxim which I purchased new in 1988. When I got the new Maxim the 400 got sorely neglected and I finally got rid of it. I put approx 20k miles on the 700 Maxim and took numerous trips into Pennsylvania and Delaware with my housemate at the time. The 700 was a nice bike but it met the great craftsmen in the sky when I discovered that the bike didn't have a rev limiter. During the early mid to mid nineties I did very little riding and probably put on less then 2k miles in a 5 to 8 year period.