3 Mofos head to Ohio August 2006

Overall we had an excellent two day ride to and from Marietta Ohio and covered about 750 miles. We had a bit of a rough start with Tom deciding to sleep in and Lance getting a performance award for 74 in a 55 (clocked at 80). But once we got in "By God" West Virginia things started looking up. We stayed in a nice little 108 year old hotel Marietta with a "real nice" staff. The HR person definitely needs to be complimented on their hiring choices. The ride home was even better than the ride up and we dealt with very little traffic and didn't see a single sign of Johnny Law.
Tom met us in Front Royal. Turns out he was late because he had to hire a tanker truck to extend the pitiful range of his RVT.

Stopping in West Virginia for a quick break.

3 birds of prey and a big chicken

Taking a break on rt 26 in Ohio so Tom could practice his 1000 yard stare.

Decided to have the bike repainted on the way to Ohio. Unfortunately the paint wore off the tank bra.

Ok the previous picture was just my image software having a brain fart but it does look damn sexy in black. So do I come to mention it.

Same place different angle.


Ohio River in Marietta

Bridge over said river

Downtown Marietta. The following morning they where blocking off the street so they could film a pilot of a show for the Sci/Fi channel.

A bad picture of our 108 year old hotel at night

3 pounds of bacon, 2 pots of coffee and we're ready to start back

Stopping at Seneca rocks for lunch on the way home. The yellow bike is a 75 Goldwing with a blue anodized motor.

Lets do it again soon