Day 7

Somewhere along the PEI coast.

Downtown Charlottetown.

Now this section should be full of the pictures of lighthouse, incredibly verdant countryside, a sunny ride on the ferry, and the coast of Nova Scotia. But unfortunately something happened to the film. What happened to the film you ask?

DRUNCKEN ROCK THROWING PORCH MONKEYS THAT'S WHAT! Here we see John from Ohio, Ed from Pennsylvania and Cory in their natural state. Drunk and Violent. Throwing rocks at your beloved narrator causing him to extract the roll of film before it had fully rewound.

What more evidence do you need? John has already launched his rock. Ed is obviously leaning way back for the windup while Cory tries to figure out how he can throw rocks with an open beer in one hand and a six-pack in the other.

The abuse I put up with. I'm a saint I tell you. Oh very clever time to try and hide the beer Cory give me one of those you rat.

They've got some extreme tides in the Bay of Fundy.(Buuurrrrp)

It was an earthquake I swear.

Fake fun of my BMW will you soooziki boy. Well who's laughing now! You might say that the tide in the Bay of Bundy was rising all night long.