Day 9

Stopped by the side of road. Now why did we stop here?

Ackkkk it's New Hampshire's finest. After spending about 10 seconds explaining that 50mph didn't mean 70+mph. They spent about 20 minutes talking about motorcycles and explaining to us why the next bike he buys is going to be V-Max they let us go with just a warning. Live Free or Die you gotta love it.

The always popular over the shoulder shot while cruising through a town in New Hampshire. At very reasonable speeds I might ad.

The almost as popular camera on the tank bag shot.

Cruising on down the road in Vermont. One of the few straight parts we where on that day

Another shot while on the move. Armored from head to tow but doesn't wear gloves. What's up with that?

Just another roadside attraction.

Stopped at a bridge in Vermont.

Somewhere near the southern end of Vermont.

Somewhere in New York