August 17, 1999

Whitehorse, The Yukon

A short Detour.


Leaving Ontarion province I made my way west across the great plains of Canada towards Edmonton, Alberta. The great plains where actually more interesting then I had imagined but I still managed to cross them rather quickly going from the western edge of Ontarion to Edmonton in two days. After crossing endless miles of farmland I figured that Edmonton was going to be a very dull place but I was again pleasantly surprised.

Leaving Edmonton I made my way to Dawson Creek and mile 0 of the Alaska highway. I spent the next 4 days riding up the Alaska highway to Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is the kind of town that makes Buffalo seem like heaven and I was only too happy to be getting on my way the following morning so I packed up my gear and headed south for Anchorage. In Fairbanks defense however I must say that they had some well supplied bike shops and was able to replace my rapidly fading rear tire. Heading down to Anchorage I had my second run in with Johnny Law and while this stinking copper didn't feel the need to attempt to insult me he did write me a ticket for going 80 in a 55. Reckless that is, Alaska Gold, Tourism fees.

Entering Anchorage I stopped at the first watering hole I could find and encountered a drunk, a pilot, and a Satanist so things started to look up immediately. I had consisdered leaving Alaska by taking a coastal ferry down to Prince Rupert, BC. but the next ferry wasn't leaving for 5 days. Anchorage is a nice town with some fun clubs but the hotel rates are outrageous and I really can't see staying in the same place for that long, not to mention that it has been pissing rain for 4 days in a row so I packed up the pony and headed back to Canada.

Heading south dreaming of umbrella drinks and tan lines.