August 4, 1999

Kenora, Ontario


Leaving Portland I made my way west along the coastline which was pretty much as you would expect, grey and wet. After reaching the eastern end of Maine I proceded north into the hills and forests.It was at this time that I had my first look at Canada. Looking at this area of the map I found that there where no roads up here. At the time I found this quite remarkable. The roads in north-central Maine are dirt roads used by logging trucks. I attempted to take one of these dirt roads into Canada only to discover that it was prohibited to ride motorcycles on them.

Entering Canada at Fort Kent I made my way to the St. Lawrence which I followed to Quebec city. The city of Quebec is quite nice and while there I had the good fortune to meet up with Justin who showed me around and introduced me to his many friends at the university pub. What I want to know is what all you guys where doing at the university in the middle of summer. Did you have trouble passing your classes in the regular term or where you there to admire Quebec's vast natural beauty? I'm sure it was the latter. Other then the great scenery another remarkable thing about Quebec is the number of anti motorcycle ordinances. Motorcycles where banned from both the old city and battlefield park. Ordinances which I of course merrilly igrnored, hey how was I supposed to know I'm just a stupid tourist.

Leaving Quebec city I continued along the river and mad my way into Ontario. The lack or roads that I found so remarkable in Maine turns out to be the norm for Ontario. I tried to take a few side roads off the main route only to find the pavement turn to dirt often without warning. After riding over 50 miles of dirt roads which often had me bouncing up and down and rattling the fillings out of my teeth I resigned to stick to the two ot three major roads available. As it turns out even on the major roads you inevitably run into more dirt.

Heading west.