July 15, 1999


The plan is to do a four corners tour of the United States between July 15 and October 15 of 1999. For this trip I'll be riding a bone stock VFR 800 decked out with RKA soft luggage. Inside this luggage I'll be carrying a laptop and digital camera to keep my loyal fans and admirers appraised of my progress. Emergency equipment includes: cell phone, first aid kit. flares, tire repair kit, leathermans tool, and a pair of Doc Martins. Clothing other then what I'm wearing when I start include 7 tshirts, 7 pairs of socks and undies, one pair of jeans, one pair of thermals, winter gloves, ski mask, and rain gear. Other gear to be strapped to the back of the bike include a small tent, sleeping bag, and Barbed Wire cable to be attached to the disk lock.