July 19, 1999


The tour began in Middleburg Virginia where I met up with Brian N., Danny, Briana R., and Holly for the ride up to Mid-Ohio racetrack to see the AMA motorcycle races. We took twisty 2 lane roads most of the to Mt. Vernon Ohio and had a fantastic time railing thru the curves.

The Mid-Ohio course is beautiful track and the races where quite exciting. As well as viewing the races I also got the chance to ride on the track and cruise around the pits to check out all the exotic machinery. While at the track I purchased a corbin saddle and perforated leather jacket to increase my comfort level in the days to come. I was aware that other DC-Cycles folks where at the track but unfortunately I was unable to meet up with them.

After the race weekend was over all the DC-Cycles folks headed back home while I started towards Boston. After carefully planning a route in the morning I merrilly ignored all the signs and ended up in Cleveland where the weather began to catch up with me. After spending a few days in Cleveland on Monday afternoon I headed along lake Erie up to Buffalo. Buffalo bears a striking resemblence to Mt. Vernon Ohio except for the lack of night life and the tall buildings.

Off to Boston.