July 26, 1999


Escaping from Buffalo I made my way back east towards central New York state where I soon found around the lakes of Watkins Glenn. While in Watkins Glenn I stopped off in town for a little refreshment and was pleased to discover that bad taste was alive and well. Pressing on I ended camping outside the lovely town of Ithaca in the Buttermilk Falls park.

After leaving Ithaca I made my way northwest through some ?? state park and then down to Lake Charles.

Upon leaving Lake Charles I made a beeline (sp?) for Boston and happened upon the worlds greatest gas station. Not only did they provide fuel as one might expect but attached was a laundromat of which I was in dire need. There was also a bar just down the street that was showing the Mid-Ohio races which kept me busy during the wash cycle. If that wasn't enough the gas station also had a garden hose which allowed me to wash my bike during the drying cycle. Hey, It may not be much but it seemed pretty damned cool at the time. With a clean motorcycle and clean undies I continued on my way to Boston.

Boston turned out to be a great town and my hotel in the Beacon Hill district provided me easy access to a great variety of eating and drinking establishments within walking distance. After recovering from the previous nights revelry I made my way down to the harbor to check out "Old Ironsides". Once I had enough reminiscing about the days of wooden ships and iron men I decided I was in need of some culture so I went and took a picture of an art museum. Saturday night I went to the Italian section of Boston where I was treated to a mini parade honoring St. Amphetamine (or somesuch) and some tasty grub.

Taking the advice of a biker I met while carousing Friday night I headed west in search of rte 100 through vermont. On this westward stretch I got the oppourtunity to meet Officer Friendly who promptly informed me that it was people like me who give motorcyclists a bad name and that I was an asshole. Officer Friendly got very irate when I tried to take his picture and proceeded to inform me that I wasn't on a joy ride which came as quite a surprise to me. Having recieved some heartfelt advice and a momento of out encounter I proceeded to motor on to Vermont.

After cruising (blitzing) up rte 100 in Vermont I met up with these two Duck riding gentleman who give proof to the old adage that you only get old if you stop riding. On the advice of one of the duck riders and after checking the map and noticing that the only thing north of Vermont was Canada I made my way east again towards Maine. After camping on the Main border Saturday night I made my way to Portland in order to find a public library or internet cafe. Discovering that the libraries are closed on Sundays I found an internet cafe. Unfortunately this cafe is full of iMacs so I couldn't use a floppy to upload my pictures or delicate prose and proceeded to spend a few hours driving around town looking for a network cable with out any success which has put me in a fine mood.

Off to Quebec.