1.5" Lift Kit

When I first began riding my Vegas I was very disappointed with its lack of cornering clearance. In order to get more clearance I had a local bike builder make me some custom dog bones to raise the rear of the bike. The bones that were made for me raised the bike 1.5” at the rear of the fender.

Before having the bones made I took my peg feelers off and felt that the bike had almost enough cornering clearance for my riding style. After having the new bones installed, I put the peg feelers back on and I now feel that the bike has more cornering clearance than it did without the feelers and the stock bones. To try to quantify how much of a difference the bones would make I measured my chicken strips and they were over .5” wide. As you can see below they’ve shrunk considerably.

Lifted 1.5" unladen.

Stance with rider aboard.

The ride height was set to Victory specs before the dog bones were installed.

Right side chicken stripe. The left side has no chicken stripe as the crown of the road helps in that regard.

How the dog bones were modified

One of the rare chances to get two of my bikes on the road at the same time.