Learning to Fly


    One of the goals in doing track days this year was to do more tracks. I had already done Summit Main and Jeffereson earlier in the year so it was time to look for some fun further afield. With this in mind I signed up to do two days at VIR with some friends from the dcsprotbikes.net message board.

Having arranged a ride back from VIR with Tony on Sunday I took Friday off of work so I could take a meandering route down to the track. I plotted out a route on Google Maps transferred it over to my iPhone and went on my way. My iPhone battery died by Noon so at that point my meandering route became even more so. The route I had planned was just over 300 miles but I was showing over 400 by the time I made it to the track. It was a great ride followed by good food and good company!

Saturday started off well and I was having a good time hanging out. After lunch I was going my merry way around the track when I had an impromptu flying lesson at the top of turn 7. Turn 7 is an uphill right hander with the crest near the exit of the turn. As my bike crested the hill leaned over and using too much gas my rear time slid out and high sided me. I landed face first in the middle of the track. I immediately rolled over and saw my bike sliding down the track shedding parts. I had accepted that I was eventually going to crash doing track days but I always hoped I would have the good sense to low side it.

The personal damage amounted to a lot of bruises and broken bone in my hand. The bike bounces even worse than I do. You can see most of the damage below and both forks were bent also.

I spent the rest of the weekend hobbling around the pits and having a good time. Many thanks to Tony for getting me loaded up on his trailer and hauling my broken self home.


At this time the bike is mostly back together and has been back on the track at Summit Main.


MADD Trackday July 2009